Emerald Grotto

Emerald Grotto

Try not entering in this magical Grotto! It will capture your eyes, your mind and your soul! The Emerald Grotto is world-wide known for its colors and for the submerged stalagmites that recreate different visions depending on the viewer...



Grotta dello Smeraldo Tour

After a boat ride along the Amalfi coast that gives the opportunity to appreciate the beauty  and spectacular features of Amalfi’s Coastline,  discovering many secluded beaches, grottos and water front caves accessible only by water, there will be a stop at  Marina di Conca, a town set in to the rock beach and located in one of the most evocative corners,where you will be taken by boat to visit the splendid  Emerald Grotto (Grotta dello Smeraldo) . After visiting these wonderful places you will be taken  back to Amalfi, where this tour ends.


Opening time of the Grotta:                                               Tour Of the Grotta : 40 minutes
9:30 to 16:00
Monday to Wednesday
About the Emerald Grotto…
Slowly excavated into the rock, deep up to the bowels of the Conca dei Marini crag, near Amalfi, is the Emerald Grotto (Grotta dello Smeraldo in italian), a real natural spectacle that enlightens the sight of the visitors. Discovered in 1932 by a local fisherman, it took the name of the precious gem for its characteristic coloration reflected by the waters that goes from cobalt blue to emerald green, due to the sunlight that filters trough an 12-meters entrance. The wide rocky cave presents a scenography naturally created by the marine erosion with stalactites and stalagmites. Luminous and iridescent it hides an underwater nativity scene made with ceramic from Vietri sul Mare.


Extra cost :
Private Transfer Service
 Access to the Grotto